The only thing better than expectantly getting to try a rare beer is unexpectantly getting to try a rare beer. So, yeah, walking into Raleigh’s Busy Bee Cafe and finding remnants of the Founders scotch ale kicking it in a keg wasn’t a disappointment.

Busy Bee blew it out Monday for its six-year anniversary party; Wednesday afternoon Bastard was one of the few rarities left.

Some folks might say the Bastard doesn’t age well. I’d counter by saying all bastards are pre-determinedly cranky and already aged so take your argument and get the hell off my lawn.

The reality is this beer wasn’t even an ale after several years of soaking in its own marinade. It looked and tasted closer to a thinner stout with a boozier back end.

Of course, at 10.2 ABV a boozy nose and taste was always going to be involved here.

The difference is with Bastard you’re gonna get the kick of oaked bourbon (and some scotch), malts, caramel and the like.

QUICKLY: Finding the current rendition of Backwoods Bastard on the shelf is hard as it is. Finding a three-year old version? Psssh. If If you remotely enjoy stouts or dark ales and/or like chasing rare beers, you order this if its sitting on the menu every time.