The Cornelius-based brewery keeps grinding out fantastic beers, greatly belying the quality you’d expect from a name like Ass Clown.  The Orange IPA is no exception. 

It’s a deep, cloudy IPA with a pile of fruit on the nose and even more when you first taste it.

The majority of the fruit flavor is — SURPRISE — orange. Theres a zesty quality to it, almost like someone grated the peel off an orange and incorporated it in the brewing process. 

It’s sweet and bitter but, unlike a Big Head Todd lyric, not more bitter than sweet. There’s so much citrus it manages to blend nicely in a hop-forward, West-Coast style beer. 

Ass Clown also worked — as promised on the label — some “honey and spices” into this beer.

The latter comes through when you sip it; its a little peppery to the lips and the spice mixes really well with the citrus.

So does the honey. That’s a combo as solid as lamb and tuna fish (perhaps you prefer spaghetti and meatball?) and in this case it’s an ideal match, especially with the spices.

An all around high end beer with plenty of pop and nicely balanced fruit.