Ass Clown. A name that cannot…nay, WILL NOT be ignored! We’ve seen these guys around at festivals. We’ve enjoyed their spirit. We’ve enjoyed their beer. Finally, we have a package to put in front of my lawn of clover (that conveniently looks like luscious grass through the magic of photography) & take a picture for a proper review.

I chose their Imperial IPA, because let’s face it…it’s a popular style and it’s one I’m quite familiar with one. It pours a golden haze with little head (for reasons I’ll discuss later).

The nose is dank with lightly muted grapefruit & honey highlights. There’s something there in the smell that tells you this going to be a harsh DIPA. That warning is not realized, though.

Ass Clown boasts using lower carbonation to maximize flavor and ya know what? I think they’re on to something. That aforementioned warning of harshness never comes through & I credit the low carb. Nothing assaults your tongue & instead you’re allowed to enjoy the fruity, mango driven 8% Imperial IPA.

This is a light, straightforward DIPA that is not perfumey or assaulting in any way. Just an easy-drinking delight to be honest. A gentle Ass Clown to welcome into your home.