Grapefruit Sculpin Ballast Point Cans

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands. That’s the summary of Tuesday’s shipment of Grapefruit Sculpin that’s smothering the city of Raleigh right now (and perhaps elsewhere).

Essentially every bottle shop in the local Triangle area is tweetin’ about getting Ballast Point’s fruit-filled IPA in on Tuesday afternoon and if you’re a fan of the beer, you should get thyself to a, um, place that sells it. Nunnery didn’t really work.

We’ve heard the intention is for BP to make Grapefruit — and its Habañero brother from another mother — available on a regular basis around these parts. Specifically through Whole Foods, who likely has a pile of this stuff available as well.

Grapefruit already came through town once and if you have the means, we highly recommend it. It’s so choice. Cans are a new addition though, and probably quite delightful. India Pale Ales are a delight any time in any form but canned is arguably the best possible vehicle out there.

A few first-come, first-serve options based off Twitter. (If you spotted some elsewhere or have some yourself and want us to include you, tweet us @NCBeerReview or drop us a line via email.)