IMG_0992.JPGOne of the two or three biggest surprises from 2015’s Brewgaloo was Blind Squirrel. The logo was so ostentatious we assumed the beer would be over the top. Instead there was a lot of complexities and some subtleness to the beer.

The same holds true for BS’ IPA, a strange differentiation from what you normally get in the vertical.

To wit: most IPAs are either a) hop-forward and fruit-heavy or b) malty and full of pine. Both great in different ways, but standing out from the crowd is a hard thing to do.

Blind Squirrel’s pulled it off. This is, some puns intended and also literally, kind of a nutty beer.

The smell and flavor involves pine but there’s some legit nuttiness involved here. It’s hard to explain in words — it’s not like peanuts and it’s not like pine … it’s this flavor that wipes out the floral notes — but it’s pretty darn good.