The first-ever Bojangles beer dinner kicked off at Tasty Beverage on Wednesday night. Early results: fried chicken, biscuits and beer are not disappointing together! SCIENCE.

In lieu of overcoming the combo of Bo’s and beer to write later we’re live blogging this whole thing.

Course No. 1: Country Ham Biscuits and Oskar Blues Pineapple Pinner

Delightful combo here! Like a southern Hawaiian pizza.

The beer is a limited edition with only 50 kegs made for the whole country. The process?

Pinner with pineapple juice added while it’s being kegged


Course No. 2: Roasted chicken bites served over Cajun pintos and dirty rice with New Belgium Love Apple Oscar

You know someone is getting excessively fancy when we’re getting “served over” dropped on the menu.

The base beer here is the Oscar, a sour you’re not going to find in a bottle.

Bojangles: you need to think about making this fancy as all get out combo an actual item you can order. The roast chicken bites — which I’d never had — are awesome but made a bajillion times better when put over the Cajuns and rice.

Yes we’ve got sporks rolling here.

The Love Apple is great too by the way! Nice and sour but not too aggressive. A nice compliment to a spicy dish.

Course No. 3: Chicken Supremes and Cajun Fries with Oskar Blues G’Knight

Not to come off like a loser here but this pairing is really smart: the spiciness of the chicken and the sweetness of the honey mustard pair really well with the hoppiness of G’Knight.

The consensus here is we need to spend more time talking about G’Knight being underrated. It’s a hoppy Imperial Red that deserves more attention! Drink it. Or something.

Course No. 4: Bo-Berry Biscuit with New Belgium Love Peach Oskar 


The Bo Berry Biscuit is a southern phenomenon which we don’t expect everyone to understand. If you don’t: it’s a biscuit baked with blueberries and covered in icing.

Yes it’s more amazing than you could imagine.

The Love Oskar is even better from a “wow” perspective — it’s aged in roughly 20 different barrels and the peaches crisp the sour up nicely. It’s less sharp than the apple but more potent.

Maybe not a traditional dessert beer but in this case a darn delicious option.