While we can blame the Velociraptor for inspiring intelligent sharks in Deep Blue Sea we should credit it for inspiring Toronto’s basketball mascot and Aviator’s Cretacious beer

Cretacious isn’t complex or hyper-intelligent but it will attack you in strange and different ways. Crack the can and you get a strong whiff of a chocolate.

Pour it out (I went pint glass) and you get a jet black beer with a sizable foamy head. There’s light chocolate and ample cocoa-an on the front end flavor wise, with a bunch of crispy oak notes on the back end.

Put another way: there’s a whole lot going on here.

But that was kind of as-advertised when reading the provided beer description (“black IPA dry hopped and short aged on barrel-derived oak chips”).

There is also a Velociraptor on the label. With only Jurassic Park to go on, I have to assume that having a Rap screaming in your face is not a calming moment. 

Given everything this beer’s trying to offer it’s surprisingly not heavy handed. It’s got a light feel and only a 5.3% ABV.

The can promises a “wallop” of hops — and the dino with fire coming out of its eyes is holding a hop too — but it doesn’t really show up. Or maybe it’s just masked by the roasted flavors? Either way, feels less like an IPA and more like a watered down ale

A fun, quirky beer with a bunch of strong flavors but way more roasted than pale.