Carpetbagger is a collaboration between Deep River Brewing in Clayton, NC & Trophy Brewing in downtown Raleigh which produced this malt lover’s ideal Double IPA (DIPA).

This is a clean, clear DIPA, despite the small amount of sediment at the bottom of my glass. You can see where the 9.7% ABV comes from, with the sweet caramel malts. There are citrusy hops back there somewhere that shine for a brief moment right before your swallow is done. 

I typically like my IPAs, even my Imperial IPAs, to be a bit brighter and hop-forward but this one is very well balanced. The other HUGE plus? The new format. I think I might be over 22-oz bombers at this point; it’s nice to see the movement to 4-packs of 16oz cans.

Like super sweet, malty near 10% bombs? Go grab a 4-pack before you have to wait another year to try it.

Price: $$$ – $16.99(I believe) a 4-pack at Tasty Beverage in Raleigh, NC

Availability: Limited, brewed once a year

ABV: 9.7%

Rating: 3.75/5