Not ashamed over my excitement for picking out a particular beer specifically to watch Game of Thrones Sunday night. No weirder than my wife walking downstairs to the house pitch black dark and DUH NUH NUH-NUH-NUH-NUH blaring in the living room at 9pm on a Sunday night.

At any rate, I’d been sitting on the 10-Year Duck Rabbit Barrel-Aged Anniversary Anarchy Ale for a few months and what better time to bust it out than a springtime celebration of the oncoming winter.

The Farmville, NC brewed bottle had a nicely-edged booze, nothing too extreme but clearly potent. Anarchy poured black as night, with a thin-crust version of a stout head on it.

It’s a thick, malty brew with oaky pop and some earthy tones to it although mainly this candied darkness mixed with fruit.

Like a moat full of blackberry wine. Except not even remotely as sweet. And darker. With more bourbon. It was just a good line from Tyrion, dammit.

A mash of different beers soaked in bourbon barrels for somewhere between six years and seven months create this raw, simple complexity.

Perfectly potent for a high ABV American strong ale. Highly drinkable too.

Price: $$$$ (6.99 a 12 oz bottle if I recall correctly)

Availability: Brewed just once and only in NC.  Highly difficult to find.

ABV: 10.0%