What if I told you there was an alternative to grabbing an IPA on a warm spring afternoon? You would probably still order the IPA (that’s fine) but New Belgium has a delightful sour worth sampling in Le Terrior.

The name involves something related to earth and the ground; linguistic experts confirm it is in fact not pronounced “LAH TEAR-e-OR.”


Actually, should you find the beer, sample twice. Assuming it’s available — thanks to the proximity of Busy Bee and their recent cask binge, CBR’s benefited from some high-end bricks.

The beauty of a beer like Le Terrior is you can take a deep dive on a warm afternoon into a couple of glasses. You’re not getting ruined by a glass full of Sour Patch and you’re not getting crunked at 7.2%.

It’s a legit IPA alternative — a sour beer that doesn’t overwhelm — if you’re in the mood to dabble differently.