You know those refreshing cucumber-infused vodka drinks that are the rage across America right now? The Nodajito is craft beer’s opening summer salvo to those.

A seasonal release from NODA Brewing in Charlotte, the “mojito-inspired witbier” is now canned for the first time and exactly what you’d expect from the name:

…it tastes as if mint leaves right out of the garden were muddled in the can and the rum was rubbed with fresh lime zest

Another description? How about “A LIME EX-SPEARMINT”?

Haha so sneaky on the bottom of that can.

Nothing sneaky about the flavors here. I’ve got some mint sitting just off my deck and it rarely tastes fresher than the flavor inside the Nodajito, even though this can was all of nine whole days old.

The description of lime zest? #WellActually … if we’re being honest it tastes pretty close to the same flavor you’d find in a Bud Light Lime.  That probably sounds sacrelegious and typing it felt dirtier than fist-pumping at a Pitbull concert.

But here’s the reality: limes all taste the same. When you add them to beer, the flavor is remarkably similar. It’s the harsh reality of bold flavor profiles, brah.

That’s not knocking this beer, either. A Bud Light can be darn tasty on a hot summer day. There’s a reason this flavor is being used more than once. And there’s a clear improvement here too: fresher ingredients, minimal production, recently canned, better beer,etc.

Also the mint. It puts Nodajito over the top in terms of being refreshing. It doesn’t feel like the sort of beer you’re going to want to crush all night long but it is “an extremely session able beer” (to quote NODA) and “imminently crushable” (to quote yours truly).

“Vacation in a glass” seems like an absolutely fair description.


Availability: limited seasonal release in Charlotte

Price: $9.99 a four pack, reasonably in range of a four pack of 16 ounce cans