*hopefully w/ a slightly cheaper Black Currant dealer

Wicked Weed seemingly comes out w/ a new beer every week. They tend to blend together with that release frequency. So it’s nice when one really stands out, like Recurant does.

Sweetness from the Currants blends seamlessly with a tart/acidic finish, all with a jammy, fruity nose. Recurrant has just the right amount of oak from the Cabernet barrels. Wicked Walt did a great job with this blend. At 7.7% it’s very easy drink.

The only gripe (as per usual, for me) is the price. I paid $15 dollars for the 500ml bottle. I wouldn’t have an issue shelling out the cash if it were for periodical releases. The reality is though, it’s $10-$15 every other week or so to try all of these releases to find the ones you like. Maybe this will be the drill for the first year, then you can pick and choose the ones you liked year after year.

If that’s the case, Recurrant will definitely be going on my list of repeat offenders.


Price: $14.99 for a 500ml

Availability: Rotating