Der Schneid translated to English is “The Cutting”. Cutting through the heat is exactly what this Berliner Weisse does on a day the temperature eclipsed 100 degrees.

Steel String’s Berliner can take it’s place next to Westbrook Gose as the perfect beer for the NC summer. “Fruity and Tart” is the simple description on the bottle and it’s hard to disagree. I’m used to this style being much more wheat forward, which I’m not fond of. Luckily, the Amarillo hops and the underlying tartness shine in this particular version.  

Easily crushable, in both taste (sweet, salty, tart) and in ABV (3.8%), I need more Der Schneid for post-mowing rewards. I’ll have to stick to the aforementioned Gose for the pool and beach however….ya know, cans and all.