So this makes no sense, but bear with us anyway. Brewpublik, a beer delivery service operating out of Charlotte, Raleigh, San Francisco and Charleston, is offering to pick up your old beer, take it away and replace it with new, delicious beer. For free.

Yes, for free.

We’re not sure how it works either but we signed up for it and scheduled a replacement beer delivery for Friday (we’ll let you know how it goes).

The process was easy as all get out. Just go to SpringCleanMy.Beer, fill out the form, find out if you’re eligible, schedule a time, tweet a picture of the beer you want to get rid of and wait for the new beer.

Have you heard the news? In an effort to rid the world of unwanted beer, we are going door-to-door to swap it out for good craft beer, and we want you to be part of the fun.

On Friday, April 15th and Saturday, April 16th, the BREWPUBLIK team will hit the streets to swap out your unwanted 6-packs for delicious craft beer.


No catches, gotchas or gimmicks!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a visit from the beer elves ASAP because sign up closes at 9pm on April 14th.

Honestly the biggest concern here was being some kind of snob who threw out beer that was too nice and then getting hosed in return by BrewPublik.

But, having seen some of the offerings they’re delivering for people who actually use the service (and wanting to try the service as well), we’re gonna bank on getting upgraded.

You’ve got until Thursday if you live in Raleigh or Charlotte to swap your beer out. Get moving.