Burial Scythe Bolo Tweet


Burial Beer Co. in Asheville is having it’s 2nd release of cans after the successful (& super well-done) Skillet Donut Stout last month. This time, they’re coming at us with two offerings of canned goodness. Their Rye IPA, Scythe (which recently came out in bottles) & a Coconut Brown called Bolo will be released at the brewery this Friday (according to the tweet above.

I assume this will be like last time, where any leftovers will roll down the mountain to select bottle shops. We’re hopeful on that at least, as it’s not always easy to get up to Asheville on a school day. I’m particularly excited about the coconut brown after the increased flavor of coffee in the Skillet cans last month (compared to draft). Mmmm…coconut….

Get a peak of the full, beautiful as always, labels below. Know of another beer release? Let us know on Twitter @NCBeerReviewor via email.