Is … this a stout? That’s not a question for Burial and the excellent beer crew in Asheville. It’s a question for me I guess, because the Donut Skillet Stout feels more like the sexiest coffee porter I’ve ever had than a true stout. 

I’m a big believer in drinking an obscene amount of Java each day, but I’m also keenly aware of what constitutes a really good cup of coffee. This beer smells as tastes the way a perfect, fresh cup of coffee should. I want this warm, in a cup, at 9 am while I’m crossing the street downtown. 

Credit Counter Culture’s beans for cranking it up, but what a job by Burial to let the beans come through both on the nose and the tongue. 

This beer smells like delicately toasted coffee beans. It’s got a little tweak to it too.

The coffee isn’t just there because the flavors work. Not saying I managed to wrap up my to do list but I definitely started cleaning my living room halfway through. If you see my jaw tell it I’m sorry and it should come back. 

Kind of kidding here, except not really. The coffee factor is really strong. If you’re looking for a heavy ABV breakfast beer — and Burial advertises it as an am beverage — this is a money choice.