bourbon county blackhawks

When the postseason rolls around, teams and players get weird. Fans too. Supporters of the Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls can take it a step further and get downright dark thanks to the addition of Goose Island’s Bourbon County to the United Center’s tap rotation for as long as those teams survive the playoffs.

The best part? Goose Island and the United Center will add different styles for every round. The traditional Bourbon County Stout will be featured in the first round, Bourbon County Coffee for the second round, Bourbon County Vanilla Rye for the third round and then Bourbon County Proprietor’s gets blown open if the finals happen.

As you might expect, it’s not cheap. $14 for a 5-ounce pour is stadium-level pricing. But let’s be real here: that’s not too bad. A four pack of BCBS is going to run you somewhere north of $20 at a bottle shop in North Carolina. That’s about $2.18 an ounce. $2.80 an ounce for in-stadium BCBS? Sign us up.