Door 1: walk out into the rain and go get the to-go food for you, your wife and your mother in law.

Door 2: one more beer. Oh and that beer is named White Lies.

No brainer. Door 2 is an easy choice. And a smart one, because Deep River Brewing once again didn’t disappoint with their white IPA offering.

Poured off draft into a pint glass, this is a cloudy horse (haus?) of an IPA.

There’s plenty of fruit content on the front and back thanks to a complex mixture of hops (Galaxy, Amarillo and Mosiac).

It’s a thicker beer in the sense of the IPA construction but the flavor is very much west coast. Usually when I hear “white IPA” I think “cloudy and clear.” Not the case at all here.

Color is very much golden and the taste is very much hop forward. If I was feeling snooty I might dare say there’s a hint of some cantaloupe in there. (I’m feeling snooty.)

The IBUs weren’t listed on the menu at World of Beer but it feels through the roof.

You go from a beer that reeks of west coast hops to tasting fruity and then being exceptionally bitter.

It’s a fun little trip. Tell your friends. Just not your in laws.