We live in a world where ABV and IBU are critical terms for hopped-up beers. In a world where everyone is firing out an IPA loaded with hops you need that aggressive level of intensity to stand out.

Except you don’t. And Deep River’s Mango Tango Foxtrot IPA is further proof of it.

Mango Tango isn’t a perfect IPA by any stretch. It’s a little too clean on the back end, almost watery in fashion. The ABV isn’t high enough (hi I’m a hypocrite!).

But it’s a darn good beer and a very nice variation on the style. The mango pairs well with the hops, the flavor and smell are highly reminiscent of a West Coast IPA and there’s ample fruit without it being too aggressive.

This is a bitter beer but not an obnoxiously bitter beer.

It’s clean, crisp and it’s souped up without being too aggressive.

Deep River does fruit beer really well and this is just another example.