Deschutes Brewery

The Citizen-Times in Asheville ran a story earlier this week, suggesting that Deschutes Brewery from Bend, Oregon, is poking around their area. Deschutes has confirmed they are thinking about joining Oskar Blues, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium by having both East Coast & West Coast Operations, the only question is where.

This is the official word from Deschutes:

“We’re looking at a number of locations in a number of states,” LaLonde said. “We’re looking in North Carolina, we’ve looked in Virginia, we’ve looked in Tennessee, as well as South Carolina.”

However, one particularly eye-opening line in the article suggests Deschutes may be further along in choosing the Asheville area than they would lead you to believe:

Among the sites company officials visited was the 137-acre parcel Buncombe County recently bought from Henderson County for $6.8 million to entice an undisclosed economic development prospect.

*Rumor Alert* – I had heard late last year that Deschutes was touring around the Warehouse District in Downtown Raleigh, which I’m trying to confirm with the brewery. Reading that article though, I’d bet that the mountains of NC have a pretty good chance of increasing their portfolio of established breweries to go along with the popular upstarts such as Green Man, Burial, etc.

Regardless, this is exciting as it sounds like we’ll soon be able to pick up some Black Butte, Obsidian, Fresh Squeezed on the reg & of course, The Abyss.


Deschutes response:

Thanks for taking the time to contact us about our future expansion plans. We want to get our delicious craft beer to fans all across the US and that is difficult with shipping beer from the middle of Oregon. We are looking at several different sites including many cities in NC at this time and will make an announcement as soon as a location has been set. We are definitely looking for a great spot with similar recreation and outdoor spaces as we have here in Bend and Portland. Close to biking, hiking, and water activities is a plus, and there are lots of great spots like that across the country. We hope to have a location secured by the end of the year! Cheers and thanks for being a fan of Deschutes Brewery :)

Well, Asheville definitely hits all of that criteria. Heard anything about this expansion? Hit us up on Twitter.

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