On Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons there were several different North Carolina references, including what appears to be an #NCBeer shoutout in the direction of Double Barley Brewing.

Quick version of the plot summary (we were forced to watch the whole episode for work, natch): Homer and Marge are separated in an Inception-style dream world and Homer starts dating a younger girl (Marge is dating Homer’s girlfriend’s father — hijinks ensue!). While on a date with his ladyfriend, Homer goes to a bar offering craft beer selections.

Some of those selections are plays against beers you know. “Skinny Tire” is a “Fat Tire” New Belgium reference. “Humble Bastard” is a play off of Stone’s “Arrogant Bastard.”

Others appear to be general beer jokes (“Chip Off the Old Bock,” “Novembertoberfest”) or just plain random as hell (“Rachel McAdams”).

But there’s one specifically we recognize as a North Carolina beer. “Thrilla in Vanilla,” as produced by North Carolina’s own Double Barley Brewing out of Smithfield, North Carolina.

Double Barley Brewing Thrilla In Vanilla Simpsons

Is it possible someone with The Simpsons has tried Double Barley’s beer? Maybe. There are more North Carolina references in the show too, with Homer sporting an NC State pennant and Duke shirt late in March after watching the NCAA Tournament. (Maybe these are his Final Four picks? Who is the fourth? Or did Simpsons writers just fall in love with Mark Gottfried’s Cinderella crew?)

Simpsons NC State Duke Homer Simpson Video

Whatever the case, pretty awesome for a North Carolina brewery to get a shoutout from the most famous animated series of all time.

If you know what the meaning is for the rest of the beers, holler at us on Twitter.