Big week for Double Barley. First they landed what sure looks like to us as a shoutout on The Simpsons for their “Thrilla in Vanilla” porter. Now — and almost certainly more importantly — they’re getting a review of their “Gourd Rocker” Imperial Pumpkin Porter.

We can’t put them in a critically-acclaimed cartoon, but we will give them credit for putting together a really nice pumpkin beer. Outstanding even!

Gourd rocker’s a spice-heavy imperial porter, falling somewhere in between the “natural” pumpkin beers and “pie” pumpkin beers, although a little bit closer to the latter.

The difference is it’s an imperial porter, so there’s enough dark beer balancing out the rich flavors. You put this sort of flavor in a standard ale and suddenly you’re overwhelmed by sweetness.

Not the case at all here. And with a 9.4% ABV you won’t get cheated. Also, your face could get kicked. Or your gourd, should you be into the whole pumpkin terminology thing, man.

Drinking a whole bomber is a bit much — like a lot of gigantic, 22-ounce pumpkin beers you can find yourself thinking you had about 10 ounces too many if you’re drinking alone.

But for a beer with that sort of ABV and style, it’s a surprisingly smooth sipper. The pumpkin is capable of coating your mouth so maybe don’t dive in if you’re not a fan of the Halloween-style of beer.

If you like pumpkin beers, though, this is one of the better offerings across the state. If you need a tl;dr version it’s basically a rich man’s Southern Tier Pumpking.