Try going to a picnic this year where watermelon is absent. I dare you. I ‘Double D’ dare you (I’m sorry). Pro-tip: volunteer to bring the fruit next time, bring Deep River‘s Double D’s Watermelon Lager instead.

To be honest, the smell isn’t going to tip anyone off to what’s in store. Maybe a slight rind aroma, but you’ve gotta be looking for it. The first sip is where you’ll pinpoint the fruit you’re drinking, but still, it won’t overpower you. If you’re looking for a glass of watermelon candy, keep looking.

Double D’s is a crisp lager w/ a subtle, yet undoubtedly present, watermelon flavor. To be more accurate, the taste you get is a refreshing blend of the juicy fruit and the cucumber-esque rind. The lagering process gives you a dry, clean finish with minimal aftertaste. It just primes you for the next sip.

I really like the fact they chose to make a watermelon lager rather than an ale or wheat. It’s the crispness of the lager combined with the subtlety of the watermelon that makes this work as well as it does. It’s not going to change your world by any stretch of the imagination, but with that being said, feel free to add it to your pool-side arsenal.