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Every month for the past two years, Foothills has cranked out a delectable IPA of the Month, sending out bombers either featuring a lady (2014) or a dog (2015), with a new one on each month’s label. July’s rendition will feature a pair of celebrity pups, with actor and Internet-er Wil Wheaton’s pitbulls Seamus and Marlowe gracing the cover.

How did this happen? Foothills broke it all down on the brewery’s blog, but long story short is Wheaton loves North Carolina beer (and, really, why wouldn’t you?)! He sampled a Torch Pilsner way back in July of last year, checked in on his Twitter-linked Untappd profile and a new friendship was born.

Foothills and Wheaton went back and forth on Twitter until, like any good flirtatious Internet relationship, they started talking for realsies. Wheaton had offered to put his pitbulls — he and his wife are big into pitbull rescue — on the cover of a monthly beer and Foothills took them up on it.

“I thought it would be awesome to have my dogs on a label because I love them, I love IPAs, and I love letting the world see how wonderful pit bulls are, contrary to some of the pernicious myths surrounding the breed,” Wheaton told Foothills.

The former Star Trek: Next Generation star added it was “amazing” to see his dogs on the label (duh) and he was pretty thrilled about getting to see them as space explorers. Again, duh.

“I loved that they were exploring a planet that looked very similar to all those planets we saw in 1950s B movies, and I thought they wore their space suits very, very well. That rocket ship is cooler than any of the spaceships I’ve gotten to ride in, too.”

Wheaton handled the copy for the label (see: above) and a portion of this month’s sales will go towards the Pasadena Humane Society, where Wheaton’s wife is a board member.

Really cool stuff. And if you’re looking to memorialize a legendary Pomeranian by putting her on a label, feel free to hit me up on Twitter, Foothills.