Though the bottle features celebrity pups on the front, it’s the beer inside that’s the real star for Foothills July IPA of the Month
Wil Wheaton’s pitbulls grace the label for Foothills latest offering in their monthly IPA series and Seamus and Marlowe should be proud (assuming they take pride in beer anyway).

This is a strong, citrusy, West Coast offering with plenty of hops to go around.

There’s an abundance of Citra hops (along with Chinook and Sorachi Ace) but what really comes across well is the kiwi and lime Foothills added during dry hopping.

It’s a super fruity beer in the sense of reeking of citrus and having plenty of flavor but it’s really, really well balanced. Neither the lime or kiwi come across to aggressively — it almost tastes more like a hint of orange than anything.

As you move through it, different layers of lime and kiwi come across too, although at times they can wash out the flavor a bit. 

But this beer hits almost all the checkmarks. It’s reasonably priced ($6.99 for a bomber), pleasantly hopped, fruitily balanced, covered in celebrity dogs and a very approachable IPA that makes for some swell summertime sipping. 

The ABV (5.8) is a little lower than we’d like but all in all another excellent beer from Foothills in a consistently delicious collection.