It wasn’t that long ago when the only pint of craft you could get in Greensboro was from Natty Greenes. These days, you literally only have to walk a block to find variety.

Nestled around the corner off Elm St. is Gibb’s Hundred Brewing, a family-friendly brewery & tap room.       

Hardwood floors, exposed beams, intimate lighting and vast amounts of space highlight the polished, yet simple tap-room. Christmas lights aren’t just for the holidays or your dorm room anymore, they can also provide the perfect warmth for sharing a beer with friends.

Gibb’s had 5 offerings of their own and 2 guest taps. Combining that with a fridge full of wine and craft soda means whoever is sitting at your table can place an order.

Speaking of the ordering….the flagship for Gibb’s Hundred is the Blind Man’s Holiday, a GPA (Greensboro Pale Ale). A citrus-forward pale, it pours hazy w/ a nose of orange juice & grapefruit. It tastes just like it smells and at 6%, it’s a dry-hopped crushable pale. I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s my favorite in the state.

While you’re at the bar waiting for your pour, you can peer through the nearby windows and sneak a peek at the brewery’s operations. I even spied some barrels hiding in the corner, which is never a bad thing.
   In the back, there’s comfortable couches, lamps and board games. You’ll feel like you’re hanging out in your living room but instead of arguing over who’s doing the dishes, you’ll just drink beer. Way better experience.     

My Greensboro friends had been trying to get me over to Gibb’s for awhile and am I glad they finally did. Needless to say, this is a perma-stop every time I’m in the ‘Boro. Next time, I’ll make sure I stake out that back corner and start the longest game of Risk I’ve ever played. Just keep the tab open.

Gibb’s Hundred Brewing is located at 117 W Lewis St, Greensboro, NC. You can find them on Twitter @GibbsHundred, on Instagram & on Facebook.

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