For awhile now, Green Man Brewery in Asheville has had two separate identities. There’s the Green Man most people know from their local bottle shops and bars; their ESB, IPA, Porter, etc. Then there’s the Green Man people have been driving to the brewery for; their sours/wilds such as Maceo, Bootsy & Snozzberry.

The man behind Green Man’s sour program is leaving the brewery next month to start his own operation, according to Mountain Xpress. Mike Karnowski, who has been at GM for 7 years, will be opening the yet-to-be-named brewery in Weaverville, NC by the end of the year hopefully. The details of what he plans to be doing on his own have us very excited:

Karnowski plans to focus on farmhouse-style beers, sours, brettanomyces (wild yeast) beers and historical recipes. Every beer will be bottle-conditioned, meaning it will be unfiltered and naturally carbonated with yeast or wild yeast right in the bottle. He says to expect 30-40 new beers per year, including Berliner Weisses, saisons, grisettes and barrel-aged beers.

“I’m not going to have any flagships,” says Karnowski. “And if I even brew an IPA, it will be something like an 1800s version, which means it will be aged with brettanomyces.”

Woo boy. That’s right up my alley. Losing that creativity will surely be a blow to Green Man and there’s no word on who will pick up the wild slack w/ Karnowski leaving. There’s also no word on whether the established sour recipes will be leaving as well or staying with Green Man. My guess would be the latter.

This is definitely a situation we’ll be keeping a close eye on going forward and can’t wait to hear more details!

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