Is Knee Deep Brewing even allowed to ship their Breaking Bud IPA? Because it seems like dealing it across state lines might be illegal.

That’s because Breaking Bud flat-out reeks of weed. There’s no other way of putting it. 

Pop the top, take a whiff and it reeks of marijuana. Maybe that was the point of the name and the Breaking Bad inspired label?

Obviously the bud refers to hops here — this is a full-blown West Coast IPA, hoppy as heck and very floral and citrusy with very little bitterness (50 IBUs). 

Fresh too: this beer was bottled on 6/3 and tasted like it. 

If you dig WC IPA’s you’ll love this bad boy. A similar local comp that comes to mind is Lynwood Grille’s Hop on Top. 

It’s a light, bubbly beer with a big head. But the smell is something else … man.