Some big brewery news is going down soon in Raleigh (and Wilmington), with Lynwood Grill and Brewing Concern announcing on Monday night it purchased Blackjack Brewing’s brewery and will be opening up a distribution center in Raleigh’s Five Points.

Lynwood, one of our 10 best up-and-coming North Carolina breweries, announced the move on Facebook

Today Lynnwood Brewing Concern is delighted to announce that once again, the Wood is growing; we have purchased the Black Jack Brewery on Whitaker Mill Rd in Five Points and we are beyond thrilled to become part of this thriving community.

In case you’re curious where Black Jack is headed, the Lynwood Facebook post indicated they made “the exciting decision to set their sights on the coast and will be moving their production to Wilmington.”

There’s some logic here for Black Jack. One, if you start a brewery with a pirate theme, the coast is better than the middle of the state to operate. A name shouldn’t tie you somewhere, but it just makes more sense.

Two, Wilmington has a lot smaller barrier to entry for breweries than Raleigh right now. If you’re a new brewery looking to gain a foothold, Wilmington is just flat-out easier to move into and probably cheaper as well. (Whether or not there’s as much an appetite for beer in Wilmington, well, that’s a different story. But people on the coast do love beer!)

Lynwood’s much more established than Black Jack in terms of their beer being familiar to Raleigh, so you’d think setting up shop in Five Points would be a simpler solution. And it’s a move they’ve been trying to make for a while.

For over a year, we have been seeking a location for our expansion and nothing seemed to fit but it seems that this is the move we have been hoping for. As of October, LBC will be expanding our brewing operations with the addition of a production facility that will not only allow us to brew 200 percent more of our award winning line of brews but also allows our Head Brewer Bill the freedom to experiment and expand his barrel aging projects.


Heeeeellloooooo barrel-aged projects. We like the sound of that. We also like the sound of more Hop on Top and more Hubris getting cranked out in higher-volume batches.

Also in the plans for the new location are a tasting room and an outdoor beer garden. Food trucks will be available now and we heard some scuttlebutt about the possibility of