You know you’ve gotten too cute when you start mixing beers. Well consider us downright adorable because we spent our Saturday blending a pair of NODA beers — Nodajito and Coco Loco — to form a “Thin Mint.”

The Mint is named after the infamous Girl Scout cookie and comprised of 50 percent Nodajito (NODA’s summer mint/lime beer) and 50 percent Coco Loco (NODA’s chocolate Porter).


Just making a @nodabrewing Thin Mint. #ncbeer

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And, somehow, it tastes just like the cookie. Or at least very close anyway.

As we noted when reviewing Nodajito, you can pretty easily get overwhelmed by the lime in this beer. The chocolate involved with the mixture significantly nullifies the lime; worst case it ends up tasting like a bite of chocolate key lime pie when the lime comes through.

The Nodajito tempers the chocolate nicely too — a lot of times when drinking Coco by itself you can get over chocolated.

With the Thin Mint that doesn’t really happy because the dessert presence is so much lighter.

Texture-wise it does come off a little flatter than normal. We’re not exactly mixing two highly carbonated beers, although simultaneously pouring definitely results in a huge head.

Maybe flat isn’t the word? The final product it always tasted warmer than it probably should given the coolness of the beers involved.

I don’t think the mixed beer is necessarily better than the sum of its parts but that’s probably more about using two good beers to create it than it is the quality of the Thin Mint itself.

It’s definitely worth trying once. If NODA started cranking out a canned version of this I’d definitely buy it.