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Fall’s just around the corner and with it a whole new line of delicious, football-watching North Carolina beers. Add Natty Greene’s Thicket Autumn IPA to the list.

The Greensboro-based brewery will release the hoppy amber in September as part of a seasonal group of beers (Thicket is the fifth such beer).

“Thicket has a niche of it’s own in our portfolio and the market place. For years, we have searched for an ale that combines the perfect malt profiles of an amber with the bold bitterness of our favorite IPAs,” Natty’s Co-Founder Kayne Fisher said. “With Thicket, we have done just that. Come September, the weather will be just right for a hoppy amber on the back porch.”

Thicket is a 6.5 % ABV beer that will be sold in six packs around the state.

It’s a smart move by the brewery too: Hoppy red beers — or red IPAs —  feel like a group of beers could start becoming trendy. Nugget Nectar from Troegs — a significantly hoppy amber — did really well when it hit North Carolina. And there’s not a ton you can do as a brewery to really distinguish yourself in the crowded IPA field.

Switching gears and hopping up an amber that fits well as a fall seasonal is a smart play by Natty’s.