On the life checklist of things that are awesome, beer and Bojangles both rank really high. Too bad there’s no way to combine them. OH WAIT THERE IS.

The Bojangles Beer Dinner at Tasty Beverage on September 23 at Tasty Beverage Co. in Raleigh, the brilliant brainchild of New Belgium and Oskar Blues

And it sounds like the beer is going to be stupid good, based on what New Belgium Raleigh Beer Ranger Chris Allen told us.

“What happens when two beer reps who love Bojangles? A Bojangles beer dinner! Two great breweries teaming up to pair some of their finest beers with everybody’s favorite chicken n’ biscuits,” Allen told Carolina Brew Review. “Four courses of fast food glory expertly paired by the guys who know it best. New Belgium is sending in Apple Leopold Loves Oscar and Peach Leopold Loves Oscar. While Oskar Blues will be sending Pineapple Pinner and G’Knight. Tickets are nearly sold out, so get yours now.”

It’s likely (possible? definite?) that the dinner is already sold out, so apologies in advance if you click above and the tickets are gone. (Unfortunately, no, there won’t be more tickets released.)

We’ll take a wild guess at the various foods involved: an appetizer of dirty rice, a second course of chicken supremes and biscuits, a main entree of fried chicken with dirty rice and a Bo-berry biscuit for dessert.

Going? Have better predictions for the meals we’ll see? Let us know on Twitter and we can hang out.