raleigh durham

Yet another new brewery in NC. This time with a bit of an identity crisis!

Today, we noticed a Head Brewer job posting for Greater Raleigh Durham Brewery in “RaleighDurham, NC”. In the Triangle, we’re quite used to people combining Raleigh & Durham into one jumbled city for the sake of convenience. It doesn’t help that our airport is ‘Raleigh-Durham International’ & every flight attendant welcomes you to “Raleigh-Durham” each time you land. It’s perfect if you like getting frustrated at sports announcers and enjoy correcting out-of-towners.

As you can see, they hope to produce 2,000 BBLs in 2015(it’s already May) so this should be a decent sized operation.

Great Raleigh Durham BreweryI’m sure more details on this project will come out soon. Those details may or may not include which city it’s actually located in. Stay tuned & let us know if you’ve heard anything about the brewery.

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