Quite literally, drunk. They just drank over 100 IPAs in order to crown just one winner. NC had a bit of representation on this massive list with the following:

  • Mother Earth Brewing Sisters of the Moon – Kinston, NC – Somewhere in the mishmash from #51-116
  • Foothills Brewing Co. Jade – Winston-Salem, NC – See above
  • New Belgium Brewing Ranger IPA – Asheville, NC- We’re counting NB, also in the mishmash
  • NoDa Brewing Co. Hop, Drop ‘n Roll – Charlotte, NC – #50
  • Foothills Brewing Co. Hoppyum IPA – Winston-Salem, NC – #42

Some of us (me) have a tendency to get a bit snobby, but we’re (I’m) going to try hard to stay objective and write for the “everyman” while giving opinions. That being said, Paste may have gotten a bit too drunk. I’ll never turn down Hoppyum, but to say it tastes better than Jade or HD’nR tells me you may have destroyed some taste buds before trying everything from that massive list.


We applaud Paste’s ambition, but 116 is just too many to compare. There’s no appropriate way to taste that many IPA’s in a marathon, whether it be over days, weeks or months and taste/compare correctly. Then there’s the issue of freshness. You want IPAs to be as fresh as possible before those hops start to die off. Maybe they had Hoppyum straight from the teet and found some Hop Drop in the back of someone’s car a month later? Who knows.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see some NC representation on the list. Sometime soon, we’ll try our hand at a much more appropriate taste test for NC IPAs. Until then, grab your favorite off the shelf, but make sure to check that date and get yourself a freshie.