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I got a fever….and the only prescription is more drinking options. Luckily, if you’re in Cary there’s a fantastic option right in the heart of downtown. Pharmacy Bottle + Beverage is located on East Chatham St. next door to the newly revitalized Cary Theater.


We visited Pharmacy last week after the Brewconomy screening & were pleasantly surprised by our experience. First thing that sticks out is the design. Sharp lines, exposed wood ceiling, soft lighting & a subway tile draft wall highlight this space. It just screams “sit down…drink awhile”. Sure, why the heck not?

16 taps, 15 of which where inhabited by breweries on NC soil this particular night. Tons of seating, inside & out, with bar stools, small & community tables. This is an ideal place to gather with friends or make new ones. Maybe you just want to stop in, grab a mixed 6-pack for the weekend and you need something to sip on whilst you shop. That can be arranged as well.  I chose a Two Prong DIPA from Haw River to quench my thirst. This is a very malt forward, Belgian DIPA. I can’t tell if the two prongs are the Amarillo & Jarrylo hops or just the hops vs. the belgian yeast. In either case, it’s the earthiness in all of it that win out.

Pharmacy doesn’t have the largest bottle selection you’ve ever seen, but it has enough variety to keep the casual craft fan happy. Everything is sold in singles, so naturally you’ll pay a bit more for a 6-pack here than elsewhere. Most bottles are priced a buck or two higher than most places I’ve seen. That being said, Pharmacy is more of a bar w/ the opportunity to take something to-go.

The draft prices are around $5-$6 for a fill in a nifty branded can-glass which is more than reasonable. There is a TV, so if watching the game is your thing don’t rule Pharmacy out. I wouldn’t expect the sound to be on, though…I know I was enjoying the Arcade Fire on the loudspeakers.

Downtown Cary has been going through a revitalization effort recently & Pharmacy Bottle + Beverage is the most recent output of those efforts. A large selection, to-go options, ample seating (outside as well!), visually appealing decor & a prime location make this a must-hit for anyone in the area.