Today is the day thousands of beer drinkers descend upon downtown Raleigh and taste offerings from over 70 NC breweries. They listen to live music and stand in lines at their favorite food trucks. Today is Brewgaloo.

It’s also raining, so the inevitable shit show will be even that much more interesting. Brinson and I are heading down for the opening of the event at 2pm and we’ll be doing our best to provide updates, weather permitting (phones + rain = utilizing warranty plans).

The brewery/beer listing is here, plan your attack accordingly.

Bronce’s top anticipated brewery: Ass Clown Brewing – Cornelius, NC – Based on name alone this would be my choice. However, offering choices like a Brettt, a Sour, a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Stout & a Citrus IPA, Ass Clown seems to at least attempt to break free from the safe “English/German” styles so many NC breweries seem to go with. Let’s get away from boring, NC.

Brinson’s top anticipated brewery: Ponysaurus – Durham, NC – There’s nothing better than actually enjoying hip, weird music. I’m hoping whatever beers Ponysaurus brings to the ‘Loo are going to be weird, different, produced in small numbers and delicious.

Live Action:

2:15pm – Pregaming: Waiting for the Uber we pregamed w/ “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” From Small Town Brewery. This is an out of state offering that’s not in NC…yet. A rumor we heard a few days ago suggests we may see it in shops here soon. Heard anything about it? Drop us a line. 

  This stuff is dangerous. Not only does it taste just like root beer but the best root beer you’ve ever had and at 5.9% a ton of these will sneak up on you.  –Bronce

2:45 – Major FAIL not converting our tickets to tokens ahead of time. Either we have poor reading comprehension or this could’ve been communicated better. Right now, the line to get tokens is around the corner. 

It’s hard to imagine there is only ONE tent to do this at but that is apparently the case.  I’d hate to leave before I get started and forfeit $20 but it’s a serious thought. The line to buy tickets is shorter than this so another option is to just pay more but that hurts as well.  –Bronce

3:30 – We’re in. We bit the bullet and bought more tickets just to get in. Work needs to be done on this process. First stop is at Mother Earth where we ran into a friend of CBR, Will Whitt. You may know Will from literally every beer related event/bar/shop in NC. 

We tried the ME Golden Globe which is an Altbier collab w/ Trophy. I don’t have much experience w/ Altbier but this is fantastic. Highly recommended. –Bronce

3:57 – Next stop is Gizmo Brewing where they’re pouring a Hoppy Grounds Coffee Pale Ale while a ska band is blaring in the background and complaining that a one-legged dude is out dancing everyone else. 

Technically this is true but it’s not even 4 yet. You’re a British Less Than Jake cover band*. Take it down a notch. 

*perhaps not 100 percent accurate

The beer itself is just OK. It’s watered down and the coffee is barely represented. Describing it as “well balanced” — which the Gizmo rep at the tent did — is kind of like calling Brewgaloo “pleasantly damp.” 

In fairness the coffee comes out a lot more as you work your way through the beer. I like my coffee beers with a pop though. –Brinson

4:10 – HELLO WHITE RABBIT. The Angier brewery offered a Teaparty Vanilla Bourbon Porter that’s straight bomb dot com. Smooth as can be for a 9% plus beer and the vanilla and bourbon mix perfectly but neither are overpowering. They poured from pitchers and the pour was small but what a superb beer. Leader in the clubhouse for me. –Brinson


4:20 (heh) – The elusive Ponysaurus out in the wild. I keep hearing about it, wanting to try it. A bit disappointed they only brought a Rye PA and an IPA. You’d think you would want to stand out from the crowd at a place like this. 

It’s a good IPA for sure, just was hoping for out of the ordinary, especially with a name like Ponysaurus.  – Bronce

4:30 – Olde Hickory is a North Carolina standby and deservedly so. All they do is crank out great beer and the Hickory Stick Stout and Table Rock Pale Ale were both excellent choices.

Nothing crazy just good, quality, heart of the South brews. You know you’re getting good beer. There’s a lot of comfort in that.  

4:40 – not so much with Double Barley. The Sexy Rexy – a rye amber – was their featured beer. I’m writing this because Broncr felt bad about speaking his true feelings for the beer. Said feelings involve the concrete and a splash. The IPA was good, not great. A mediocre wave of hope in an endless ocean.  

 4:45 – Citra! Boom. Nice IPA recovery here with some quality grapefruit notes from a west coast IPA. The beer was good enough to warrant grabbing a business card for further inquiry.  


5:30 – Ok, the rain started to pick up and it got quite hectic at the end(for us).  Southern Pines was another one that I expected crazy thing from and the craziest they had was a milk stout. It was a great one, but still. 
 Coffee is for Closers from Fullsteam was ON POINT. Can’t want to get some in cans. They’re available. 
Surprise of the day was Brice’s. Great Quad. We’re going to be following them closely.    Finally Ass Clown. I had great beer from them. A Dark Sour, A Cigar Box Brett and a Peanut Butter Porter. We’re going to visit them soon because this isn’t over yet.

We also stopped by Sub Noir and had a Rymenocyrous. Brett galore and a poignant way to end the day.