Wicked Weed will finally be answering our wildest hopes and desires & bottling their Imperial IPA, Freak of Nature. Multiple sources told Carolina Brew Review the popular Asheville brewery is set to roll out its signature IPA in bottles.

It’s been years since I had my first growler of Freak. Years.

It’s crazy in today’s beer climate — so hot it’s breaking the thermometer — to wait multiple turns of the calendar to package the most popular offering your brewery makes. But Wicked Weed did just that, keeping Freak from getting into the hands and mouths of as many people as possible.

It’s not like Wicked Weed hasn’t been releasing bottles. They fire out their sours and special-edition releases with regularity. Surely they had their reasons for holding — we’re just glad they’re finally releasing it.

The long standing rumor had been that they would be putting Freak in 16 oz. cans (plz to be the truth!), much like NoDa’s Hop Drop ‘n Roll.

However, the rumor we’ve heard from multiple sources is that Freak of Nature will be coming out in 500ml bottles, just like all of their other packaged releases. We’ve also heard that the price point will be around $6 retail, so it’s not a stretch to say you’ll see a range of $6-$8 depending on your shop of choice.


Wicked Weed’s head blender, @Wicked_Walt offered up a few details regarding intentions for pricing on Freak & additional releases:



So, we don’t know where the final pricing will land until those bottles are on the shelf. All we can hope is that your local bottle shop respects Wicked Weed’s suggested retail price.

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