A 5.4% coffee stout isn’t an ideal July situation. But sometimes you find yourself on the back end of the caffeine situation and a cool cup of joe, combined with an easy ABV, comes into the picture.

Welcome to Saturday out of Brinson household, where Small Batch Brewery and a bunch of Mrs. Brinson’s friends come into play.

The Hot Pepper Peach Hefe keg blew, the U.S. gentlemen were up 4-0 and yours truly needed some caffeine. 

Worst case is its a thick porter right? 

Well, yes, in the sense of that’s the worst case.  And no in the sense of that’s what happened. Instead this is a … refreshing stout? I’m curious too because it doesn’t happen often.

There’s so much roasted beans here — it’s the reason coffee lovers fawn over something like Burial’s Skillet Donut — and the chocolate flavors are clean too. 

Sacrificing a high ABV is almost definitely the downside of getting a crisp stout; so often this beer is thick, heavy and a major detriment in July. 

Not that it isn’t thick. It’s quite thick. Thicker than Guiness thick. I ordered a water halfway through thick. 

At the risk of pandering to the name, it really does percolate. Which, if you think about it, is precisely what you want in a beer. It needs to stay in front of you, making aggressive moves and ensuring you know where it is.!You want to be thinking about the complexities of a beer when you’re drinking it. Otherwise it isn’t memorable. 

This is a memorable beer, rich, deep, cocoa-flavored and ensured of victory (US up 5-0 as of this sip). 

It’s also a pallete cleanser. The way to approach it at this stage of the calendar isn’t in 12 or 16-ounce form, but it’s a strong-tasting stout without the punch you might usually encounter in such a situation.