Steel String doesn’t play when it comes to busting out stout flavors from the get go. Bronce wrote about Choco ThickFreakNess previously and the Coco bomb that came along. The French Toast(ness), an imperially spiced stout from the Carrboro brewery, is a potent dark beer too. But ultimately the flavors don’t come across when you actually drink the beer.

The head on this thing was obnoxious — pouring with any speed resulted in a foamy overflow. Considering we’re talking about cinnamon, vanilla, male syrup and fenugreek [furiously Googles fenugreek], I expected a lot of spice smell but out of the bottle it’s mind of flat. 

Not as thick a beer as I expected either and the spice is minimal. Yay for not overpowering it, but where’s the vanilla and maple here? Even the cinnamon feels subdued.

This is a very carbonated-feeling beer that tastes almost like it’s got artificial sweetener in it. Maybe that’s a byproduct of going for a sweet-flavored beer and not having a big enough body to back it up.

Or maybe the cinnamon doesn’t work. It should add on top of the vanilla and the maple, instead everything is muddled.

Honestly I get more chocolate hints than anything else. The cinnamon thing is really bugging me – it just clouds everything about this beer. Instead of being a well-spiced brew, it ends up being a beer with too much going on.

Sad end to a promising stout.