One of the first posts we wrote about here at CBR was the New Belgium collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s on a Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. We couldn’t wait to try it. Now we have. And it is amazing.

The actual beer won’t hit the market until November, but thanks to our pals at New Belgium RDU (an excellent Twitter follow for local beer fans) we got a chance to sample the brown ale. Again: it’s outstanding.

Like most of New Belgium’s offerings, we’re talking about a supremely subtle beer. Going chocolate in beers can result in an overwhelming sweetness. Not so here. There’s a legitimately perfect amount of brownie flavor in this beer.

New Belgium Brownie Brown Ale Beer Where To Buy

It’s not even chocolate flavored either. It’s actual brownie flavored. I don’t know how they do that — differentiating between what would be chocolate and what would be brownie in terms of a beer flavor and smell, but it’s here and it’s real and it’s spectacular.

Simultaneously decadent and down to earth, it’s a rich beer that’s also balanced. The salted caramel isn’t overly potent but it blends nicely with the chocolate flavors.

The decision to go with a brown ale isn’t surprising, although this could’ve been a stout. But a smart move by New Belgium/Ben & Jerry’s to go with something a little lighter and more commercial-friendly. Incorporated into our review criteria below is the understanding this beer will be available pretty readily (grocery stores, etc) beginning on November 2.

You shouldn’t wait to pick it up though.