During Brewgaloo, I was so enamored with White Rabbt Brewing’s Vanilla Bourbon Porter I stumbled up and down the street looking for the brewery’s table for a repeat taste. Well worth it.

It stuck with me, a rich powerful beer with loads of flavor. The return trip was worth it.

So imagine my reaction when I spotted a bomber of the beer in a local establishment (it involved an audible, excited swear word). I immediately bought two bottles.

Named “Tea Party,” this is a deep, dark beer with plenty of pop.

It’s a rich porter that’s heavy on the vanilla, but if you’re into the flavors being described by the title, you’re going to dig the beer itself.

The bourbon is surprisingly subtle but that’s probably because of the vanilla. It dominates this beer, but to me that’s what makes it exceptional.

Hate vanilla? Don’t try this. If you’re a fan it’s a beer to make a move on though. Crisp and deep, there’s not a lot of head on this beer but there’s a ton of carbonation.

It’s got a malty caramel nature with those oaky bourbon and vanilla kicks too it. The 9.7% ABV isn’t bad news either.