We recently told you about Freak of Nature coming in 500ml bottles. At that point, it was only a rumor. The only confirmation better than label approval is standing at the cash register with it in your hand.

So, we knew about the Freak being bottled in the same 16.9 oz. bottles as Wicked Weed’s sours (we can only assume). What we didn’t see coming? Wicked Weed’s standard IPA making it’s way to you in a different format. No, unfortunately it’s still NOT a can. 11.2 oz. bottles. Eleven. Point. Two. Ounces.

This is a curious move for a lot of reasons. The least of which is the fact that I can’t think of another American brewery utilizing 330ml/11.2oz bottles. Did an overseas brewery have a liquidation sale? Will these be sold as singles? 4-packs? What will the price be? So many friggin questions.

So we now know Wicked Weed will be keeping up with at least 3 different packaging configurations: 500ml, 330ml & cans of an undetermined size. One thing’s for sure, they are keeping things interesting in Asheville. Just don’t hurt us with the price, please!