Wooooo boy. Like a Jolly Rancher wrapped in gummi worms, Wicked Weed’s La Bontéis Brettanonmyces Pear Farmhouse Ale is a bear of a sour beer. 

There’s nearly no odor on the front end that would indicate it’s going to be sour and the BAM. It hits like a cool ton of sour bricks.

The pear comes in sweet and tangy via a highly-carbonated ale. It’s a rich-tasting ale, light and sweet thanks to the pear.

It’s open-fermented with Wicked Weed’s “house Brettanonmyces strains” and then “blended with a portion of blonde sour and onto one pound per gallon of French pears.”

So, yeah, heaps of dem pears up in this beer. 

You’ve gotta love a sour and need to love a pear if you want to enjoy this beer but it’s a darn fine ale, light, tangy and sour as all get out.