Fullsteam in Durham loves offering you seasonal beers that 1.) really fit the season & B.) are really unique. Whether it’s their Fruitcake Old Ale when there’s snow on the ground or their First Frost w/ persimmons when you start to realize that snow is coming, you’ll always get something unique from Fullsteam.

Summer Basil is no exception. It has all the characteristics of a typical farmhouse ale; light, dry, refreshingly carbonated, earthy/spicy notes. Where SB sets itself apart is in it’s namesake. If you don’t like basil, don’t trick yourself into thinking you’ll like this ale. Luckily for Fullsteam, lot’s of folks like basil.

It pours with a hefty smell of basil, but the taste is even stronger. It’s dry, refreshing and keeps you wanting more, just what you want in a summer beer. It’s perfect for your backyard cookout with ingredients you grabbed at your local farmers market. Either that, or you could always enjoy this on a beach somewhere.

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